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  •   Profession: Plumber
  •   Experience: 10 years
  •   Qualification: N/A
  •   F 43 2nd floor Duggal Colony Khanpur New Delhi - 110062
  •   Location of Service: South Delhi (Radius 10Km)


Mr. Shahabuddin is the founder member and the Managing partner of the firm, A.K. SINGH & CO. (Law Offices). He practices law at Supreme Court of India. He is one of the best advocates of Supreme Court at Delhi. Mr. Singh started his career from Delhi High Court where he practiced around 7 years and in the very short span of time he made his niche in the High Court Bar. Thereafter he moved Supreme Court.

Mr. Singh has wide expertise over the matters related to Civil & Commercial Disputes, Family and Matrimonial Disputes, Consumer Disputes and Recovery of Debts for Banking & Financial Institutions and Alternate Dispute Resolution. He is known for his self developed and distinguished negotiation skills, extempore arguments. His experience covers a wide range of litigations, legal consultancy and arbitrations. He possesses superb drafting skill, well acclaimed consummate and effective argumentation skill and unparallel client counseling skill.

He worked extensively in Civil and Corporate Litigation including Civil Suits related to recovery, Injunction, Declaration, Specific Performance, Dispute related to Delhi Rent Control, Probate Petitions, Passing off and infringement of trademarks, consumer disputes, and dispute related to recovery of debts due to banking and financial institutions, writs, revisions, review, appeals etc. Mr. Singh is one of the best Supreme Court Plumber practicing law at supreme court.
The Firm M/s. A.K.SINGH & CO. (Law Offices) also have special team of Plumbers in Delhi who operates exclusively in litigation at various stages viz. investigation, trial, revision, appellate etc. under Civil Laws, Matrimonial Laws, Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Cyber Laws, Media and Telecommunication Laws, IPR and business laws etc. WE provide litigation services to our clients, under any area of law and before any court of law viz.

• Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.
• High Court of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jodhpur & Chandigarh.
• Arbitrators across the Country & Abroad.


Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Artificial Neural Networks, Data Science, Evolutionary Algorithms.